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As a small family business, our "flavor" is a little bit...


Than you're probably used to.

To make sure you know what you're getting into while working with us, please enjoy this short and quirky video below!


We don't believe in plain old "talent acquisition."


We believe in finding superstars that will take your organization to the next level.

Our clients benefit from a highly consultative approach, a deep talent network, thorough candidate vetting, streamlined processes, and an exceptional track record across multiple sectors.

Proven Track Record

We find candidates that have proven track records of success - the superstars who execute and deploy their skills time and time again across any industry.

Efficiency & Operations

With some of the biggest clients across the globe, we know how to work fast AND smart to integrate with each client's preferred methods of sourcing to find the quality superstars.

Outside of the Box Methods

Whether it's tapping into our existing network or creatively finding new candidates, we are experts in "outside of the box" solutions to produce results most clients wouldn't even dream of.

Culture-Building Excellence

Our expertise in culture-building and employee retention allows to make recommendations far beyond what average recruiting firms can handle.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike some firms, we don't focus on piling resumes on the desks of our clients - each candidate is thoroughly vetted by our team and if they don't pass our test, they don't reach your desk.

We Make Your Life Easier

Each hiring manager has more than enough work on their plate - we become an extension of your team to make your life easier as we find you THE BEST candidates to achieve your goals.

What Our Clients Say

Business People Applauding

Alex Brent, CEO, AOP

"We needed a results-driven VP of Sales who would thrive in a fast-paced national sales environment. The Durkin Group's white-glove treatment made my life easier than I could've imagined and they placed the perfect vice president for us within 45 days."
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